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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! And the first warm days of the year lead some people to thoughts of spring cleaning – the yearly act of cleaning the house after the cold winter months. Time for a little spring cleaning and maintenance for your computers too!

What Support do You Need from an IT Organization

Help Desk Support

When working with any IT organization, you need to make sure that any issues and concerns you may have with your technology solutions are being met.  You also need to make sure that you can contact your IT staff whenever you need them. 

PeaceWorks Takes Socially Responsible Approach to Information Technology

by Carrie Synder, The Record, November 5, 2012

Please see the Record's 2012-13 Technology Spotlight for the full article highlighting how PeaceWorks began, what PeaceWorks does, and how PeaceWorks works with its clients.

Search for PeaceWorks on pages 50 and 54.

PeaceWorks Announces Leadership Changes

Neil Denison, Chairman of PeaceWorks Technology Solutions, is announcing that Nolan Andres has decided to step down as CEO effective December 31st, 2012. Nolan is the founder of the company and started the business 17 years ago, driven by a passion to empower organizations that make a positive
difference in the world.

From Computers to Cash

by Dave Rogalsky, Canadian Mennonite, March 18, 2013

In his first year working in information technology (IT) in 1996, Nolan Andres was living at Conrad Grebel University College and his roommate was Tim Miller Dyck, later to become editor of Canadian Mennonite and now an owner-employee at PeaceWorks Technology Solutions of Waterloo, Ont., that Andres founded.

Winter Biking

No point having a soap box if you don't use if occasionally.  And no fun always talking about the same thing, so let's take a diversion:  winter biking.

Some of you may know that I cycle to work.  Some of you know that I do that all year round – regardless of the weather.  I love hearing you say “that's quite impressive of you” while your face is saying “really?  no.  really?  You can't be serious.  Are you off your rocker?”.  Some of you hide it better than others.

Your knee-jerk reaction to the idea is both correct and wrong.

Navigating Donation Systems: CanadaHelps.Org or Your Own

We help a lot of charities set up online donation systems.  A common question is “should we use CanadaHelps.org or set up our own donation system?”.  It's a good question.  Let's take a basic look at some of the options.

Finding the Root Cause

Our website clients often come to us looking for a solution to a problem. However, a lot of the time this isn't what they say when they walk in the door. A lot of the time, we're told, "we'd like to have a forum on the website", or "we'd like social media links on all of our pages", or "we've decided that we want [website feature]". Although it's easy to go ahead and provide these solutions, our job as consultants is not just to do technical work but also to try and understand our clients' real needs.

Mobile Data Collection

The growth of mobile phones and tablet devices has opened the doors to a wide range of apps and innovative ideas. From decibel meters to task lists, to games like Angry Birds; pick an idea and there is likely an app for that.

The widespread availability of mobile devices is also having a huge impact on the basic business activities such as data collection. While it doesn't bring to mind buzz words like "social" and "gamification", data collection is a core need and can actually be quite interesting.

A Graphic Example of the Risks of A Proprietary CMS (Content Management System)

A couple of weeks ago, we got a call at 4pm.  Our potential client had heard via e-mail at 3:15pm that their site was getting shut down by Monday and they should make alternative arrangements.  It's a proprietary CMS (Content Management System) - no alternatives.  Luckily, they had control of their own domain so we could get DNS moved to us.  This was Friday.  

Saturday morning we went to see what we could move.  We hoped to grab a fixed copy of their site at the very least.  Their site was already gone.  It appears their Provider had gone under.

At PeaceWorks, we know how to set up your organization with technology that drives your mission. Together, we define a technology vision for your organization and recommend the best ways to support that vision.

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We provide effective and affordable migrations, installations and upgrades that better manage your infrastructure. We focus on solutions that meet your needs, not solutions that are unnecessary or outside of your budget.

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We will design and create a new or enhanced on-line presence. We work with you through the entire process to ensure you get exactly what you need for the present, as well as the future. We build our websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and accessibility practices, customizing as required.

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We collaborate with you to create solutions that turn ideas and data into information that you can use, analyze and distribute.  We build the technology solutions that equip you to better engage and manage your staff, your clients, your volunteers, and your donors.  We simplify data collection, intelligence and management.

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PeaceWorks provides the management and sale of hardware and software solutions. We always discuss your needs and provide you with the most preferable options.

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